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JET distributors are established suppliers for all your heating oil, gas oil and diesel requirements right across the U.K.

Whether you are looking for home heat or agricultural fuels there will be a JET distributor who is committed to supplying you in your local area. Use the interactive map here to get the contact details for the JET distributor closest to you – and keep an eye out for our distinctive yellow & blue trucks on the road!

With over 60 years’ experience delivering fuel alongside thorough local knowledge of your area, we can ensure an efficient, friendly and competitive service. Each distributor supplies fuels which are collected from the Humber Refinery meaning a quality and reliable fuel is delivered to you every time.

Safety, occupational health and the environment are top priorities for JET operations worldwide. Whether it is working with governments to develop protection standards, partnering with local communities to collect hazardous household waste or providing leadership and support for wildlife or bird habitats, we are always ready to take that extra step.

Measurable health, safety and environmental objectives are set for all our operations including JET distributors and we continually strive to improve performance. We have developed and maintain emergency systems and seek to raise industry standards by consulting and working with partners, suppliers, competitors, regulators and the public.

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Working with Phillips 66 through the JET brand has enabled us to deliver a range of liquid fuels that cover a whole spectrum of needs – oil for heating and cooking; diesel for transport; and gas oil for industry and agriculture.

Tim Foster, CPS Fuels

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